Dr Caradee Wright is a speaker at the SCFSA online Skin Cancer Update

Topic: Melanoma – Incidence and Burden of Disease


Melanoma in South Africa – a public health challenge among at-risk groups
Cutaneous melanoma (CM) is a challenging public health problem in South Africa. CMs can metastasise and lead to death.

Incident rates depend on several factors, including population group and societal circumstances.

The White population group is most susceptible to CM due to lightly-pigmented skin. When combined with excess exposure to solar ultraviolet radiation, this can promote the development of CMs.

The mean annual CM incidence rates per 100 000 seem to have increased, with annual incidence rates of 16.5 in 2000-2004 to 18.2 per 100,000 in 2019 in females, and from 20.5 to 22.4 per 100,000 in males.


South African Medical Research Council

Chief Specialist Scientist


University of Otago
Ph.D Public Health

Sun exposure, personal dosimetry, sun awareness, skin cancer prevention.


Mastersof Social science/ Geography, Env Management

Dr Caradee Wright History and Accolades

Caradee Wright is a Chief Specialist Scientist at the South African Medical Research Council, leading the Climate Change and Health Research Programme.

She is also an Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Pretoria and a Senior Research Associate at the University of Johannesburg.

Her research focuses on environmental health in Africa, focusing on understanding climate change and health impacts to inform interventions.

Caradee’s expertise lies in air pollution exposure and risk reduction, skin cancer prevention, and climate resilience.

She has published more than 100 research articles in accredited journals and supervises postgraduate students at multiple institutions.

Dr. Caradee is an Advisor to the International Livestock Research Institute’s One Health Centre for Africa (OHRECA) and the USA Health Effects Institute Global Health Oversight Committee.

  • Technical Advisor to the World Health Organization’s Global Air Pollution Technical Advisory Group in the capacity of Lead Expert for the Policy / Interventions Working Group
  • Council Member of the American Society for Photobiology
  • She was an author for the Africa Chapter of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Assessment Report 6 Working Group II Report
  • Author of the Network of African Academies‘ Climate Change and Health in Africa Report
  • author of the United Nations Environment Panel (UNEP) Reports: ‘Preventing the Next Pandemic Report’, ‘Environment Assessment Synthesis Report’, and ‘Measuring Progress: Environment and the SDGs report’
  • currently a Chapter Lead Author of the Africa Assessment on Climate Change and Air Pollution Report led by UNEP, the Stockholm Environment Institute, and the Climate & Clean Air Coalition