Tarryn Jacobs is a speaker and chairperson of the SCFSA online Skin Cancer Update.

Topic: Advances in Photoprotection

MBChB (UP) FC Derm (SA) cum laude
MMed (Derm) Pret cum laude

Recent advances in the concepts of photoprotection have resulted in a more thorough understanding of the mechanism of photodamage. Current research suggests that UVA exposure can lead to the formation of ‘dark’ CPDs, which are DNA photoproducts that if not repaired can lead to mutations and ultimately to skin cancer. Several recent studies have also included the biological effects of visible light, shown to generate reactive oxygen and nitrogen species that can contribute to skin damage and pigmentation. Photoprotection by conventional sunscreens is exclusively prophylactic, and of no value, once DNA damage has occurred. Photoprotective agents, such as photolyases, may provide additional protection against UV radiation and visible-light-induced photodamage.


Lecturer and consultant
Life Healthcare

University of Pretoria
Dermatologist at Life Eugene Marais Hospital


Specialist Dermatologist



University of Pretoria and CMSA

MMed (Derm)(Pret) (Cum Laude)
College of Medicine of South Africa (CMSA)
FC Derm (SA) (summa cum laude)
Registrar in Dermatology
Gauteng Department of Health


Medical Officer

Steve Biko HospitalSteve Biko Hospital


University of Pretoria


Tarryn Jacobs’ history and accolades

Dr Tarryn Jacobs is a Pretoria-based specialist dermatologist at Life Eugene Marais Hospital.

She completed her post-graduate degrees through the University of Pretoria, obtaining the Fellowship of the College of Dermatology as well as her Master’s in Dermatology Cum Laude.

Dr Tarryn has been awarded the prestigious Peter Gordon-Smith medal for academic excellence in dermatology.

Dr Jacobs is actively involved in medical education and training.

Tarryn is a part-time lecturer and consultant at the University of Pretoria dermatology department.

Member of the South African Dermatological Society
South African Society for Dermatologic Surgery
American Academy of Dermatology
International Women’s Dermatologic Society