Lifetime Achievement award – Dr Desmond Fernandes

Lifetime achievement reward presented to Dr Des Fernandes
Lifetime achievement award presented to Dr Des Fernandes during the 8th annual online Skin Cancer Foundation meeting

The Skin Cancer Foundation has taken great pride and honour in awarding the lifetime achievement award (first of its kind) to Dr Desmond Fernandes.

Dr Fernandes has worked tirelessly developing new techniques and technologies in terms of rejuvenation as well as photoprotection and in addition in the field of topical antioxidants and vitamins.

He truly has adjusted our understanding and influenced the way we work, not just as South Africans but as physicians worldwide.

As testimony to this, Dr Fernandes received the DASIL International lifetime achievement award in Coha in 2019.

As South Africans, we are very honoured to give this award to him in recognition of his monumental contribution in the fields of skin rejuvenation, photoprotection and the development in the field of needling.

Dr Fernandes has also in addition been giving freely of his knowledge to peers and non-medical healthcare practitioners. This is truly a unique part of who he is, and we thank him for that in addition.

“Dr Fernandes you truly deserve this award, and we hope it will find a special place in your office.” Dr Marc Roscher CEO of the Skin Cancer Foundation of South Africa.