Nail workshop 2021 Online Skin Cancer Foundation meeting

Nail workshop - Online Skin Cancer foundation meeting

The Skin Cancer Foundation of South Africa launch, for the first time, a Nail Workshop Session during their 2021 International Online Skin Cancer Foundation Annual Meeting.

“On Sunday, 16 May 2021, Podiatrists can participate in a world-class nail workshop focus session to learn about everything you wanted to know about nails and more,” says Dr. Marc Roscher.

The presentation consists of a comprehensive nail workshop covering all elements related to Nail Anatomy, Physiology, Infectious Disease, and Dermatological Disease (Including discussion and demonstration about Fungal Infections of the nail [Onychomycisis] and its therapy).

This event focus session will be presented by the world-renowned expert in Nail Diseases – Prof Eckart Haneke, MD, Ph.D., Professor of Dermatology. A private dermatologist in Germany since 2004 with a primary interest in nail diseases.

Prof Haneke’s career includes 420 publications, 12 books, 190 book chapters, 1600 lectures at national and international conferences, surgical courses including life surgeries in over 30 countries.

Nail Therapists and Trainers will be able to interact with this world-class speaker during the nail workshop. This session will be CME compliant.

We welcome your attendance and trust you will find many new insights that might be valuable in your daily practices.

Please visit the Skin Health Symposium page for more information.