Naaheed Raboobee is a speaker at the SCFSA online Skin Health Symposium

Topic: TECH Talk Dermascopy Devices

BSc Psychology and Management



Chief Operating Officer



Honours Psychology


University KwaZulu Natal

BSc Psychology and Management

Naaheeb Raboobee history and accolades

Naaheed Raboobee is the COO of SkinTECH and has played an integral role at the company since its inception in 2012.  Her main aim is to contribute positively to specialist practices and to ensure mutual growth and success.

With her inherently people-centric focus, Naaheed maintains close relationships with the medical fraternity as well as the exclusive international manufacturers that SkinTECH represents in South Africa. She has also played a key role in the successful expansion of business in Africa and Mauritius. 

Naaheed completed a Bachelor of Social Science degree in Management and Psychology from the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal and furthered her studies with Honours in Psychology from UNISA. Upon completion of her tertiary education, she joined SkinTECH full-time in 2013.