Romy Taljaard is a speaker at the SCFSA online Skin Health Symposium

Topic: Topical and Oral Therapy for combating Photodamage

BSc (Hons), Pharmacology


Luster Glo



Medplex (Pty) Ltd

Owner and Director


University of Pretoria

Pharmacology administrator

Romy Taljaard history and accolades

Romy completed her B.Sc Biochemistry degree in 2008 at the University of Pretoria. She furthered her studies by completing her honors degree in Pharmacology in 2009.

Romy worked at the department of Pharmacology lecturing undergraduate students while doing extensive research.

Naturopathic and nutraceuticals especially appealed to Romy to address the causes of an illness rather than just treating a symptom.

Romy worked with an integrative doctor in Pretoria and together formulated nutraceutical combinations on a small scale with fantastic results.

A few molecules Romy was particularly interested in were, unknown at the time, the birth of what Luster Glo is today. Collagen, vitamin C, glutathione, and N-acetyl-cysteine, and their interaction with one another fascinated her.

The health benefits of these molecules are far-reaching but their interactions strongly resonated with aesthetics and in particular pigmentation.

At this time Romy partnered with Vernon de Wet, who saw an opportunity to scale the business and shared the vision and passion for an aesthetic range of products.

A hyperpigmentation range was developed, the first company to focus solely on hyperpigmentation in South Africa. The positive feedback and endorsements from the growing list of highly esteemed doctors and clients have been phenomenal, a testament to the quality and efficacy of Luster Glo’s products.