Zoya Nell is a speaker at the SCFSA online Skin Health Symposium

Topic: Early identification of skin cancer

Dip Health and Skin Care (Isa Carstens Academy)

Why is a Somatologist talking about skin cancer?

Skin cancer is a medical condition that falls outside of the scope of practice for treatment by a somatologist or dermal aesthetician.  However, the therapist forms part of the first line of defence for a client through the initial detection and possible identification of potentially harmful lesions on the skin.

A Somatologist and dermal aesthetician is trained extensively in dermatology, including the anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology of the skin.  This knowledge provides the therapist with the skill to recognise when a lesion does not seem ‘normal’ and notify the client in an appropriate manner. 


Isa Carstens Academy

2019: Programme Co-ordinator: Somatology
2013-2018: Quality Assurer


Eduskin Consulting International



Isa Carsters Academy

Lecturer/Instructor/Technical Coordinator


Steiner Leisure Limited

Spa Manager

Zoya Nell history and accolades

Zoya Nell is the Programme Co-Ordinator for the Diploma in Somatology at Isa Carstens Academy – Stellenbosch Campus.

She is a qualified dermal aesthetician who specializes in the education sector of the health, skin, and wellness industry.

Learning is her own driver to continuously ensure that all students are equipped with the correct foundational knowledge; combining this strong foundation with new and innovative technologies that set them up to be successful career-driven individuals.