Dr Marc Roscher is a speaker at the the Skin Health Symposium.

Topic: Vitamin A the wonder molecule


Vitamin A and its derivates have been one of the most powerfully active molecules in the past century of prescriptive medicine.

Tretinoin specifically has been developed as key therapeutic tool under the guidance of the brilliant Dr Albert Kligmann and his research group.

Its efficacy has been proven in skin health, rejuvenation, as well as a powerfully preventive mechanism to prevent the evolution of pre-cancers of the skin.

Conversely – it has equally efficacious utility in the management of mild to severe Acne Vulgaris.

It has truly become a key therapeutic tool for clinicians and dermatologists over the globe – and the current concepts of efficacy will be unpacked and elucidated in this presentation.


Skin Cancer Foundation of SA

Chief Executive Officer
Private Practice:
Dermatology, Dermatologic & Laser Surgery
Current Affiliations:

Umhlanga, KZN South AFrica
since 2001

Medical Director

SKIN CENTRE – Skin & Laser Surgery Centre in Umhlanga

University Pretoria

Undergraduate studies & Post Graduate degree

Dr Roscher completed undergraduate MBCHB at University of Pretoria (1993)
Post Graduate Degree in Dermatology – MMED DERM (2000) University of Pretoria.

Dr Marc Roscher history and accolades


Dr Roscher completed post graduate attachments in Dermatological Surgery (University of Newcastle –UK), Photodynamic Therapy (Nashville, Tennessee – USA), Laser Surgery (Charlotte, North Carolina, USA).
He is the medical director of the SKIN CENTRE – Skin & Laser Surgery Centre in Umhlanga – since 2001 – where he has been practicing.

He has a special interest in Dermatologic Surgery, Procedural Dermatology and the definitive treatment of Skin Cancer, Pre-Malignancy and Photo damage and its prevention.

Dr Roscher has the following list of achievements:
• Founding president of SASDS (South African Society for Dermatological Surgery)
• Past President – DASIL (Dermatological and Aesthetic International League)
• Recipient of the Lawrence Field Award for “Leadership in Dermatology “– 2015 ASDS
• Keynote Address – ASDS – 2015
• International Dermatologist of the year – 2019 – DASIL
• Founding member and current CEO of the Skin Cancer Foundation of South Africa

Dr Roscher provides pro bono services to indigent sufferers of Skin Disease and Skin Cancer through the TRIOMF foundation and the SA Skin Cancer Foundation